Classic Poems

Typography is the visual components of the written word. Matthew Butterick

Web Typography is a form of art and selecting nice fonts, fundamental typography building blocks, to achive beautiful typography is never easier. From this experiment, google font pairs are hand-picked and turned into creative typefaces .

Verses from burmese classic poems are used as text content with elegant stock free images from thestocks.im .

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A pipe... A puff...
short as A finger...
I give you
for smoking.

If I do not take it
you will think me crude
If I accept it
you will think I like you.

If you want me
to smoke it
put it near the bed,
my dear one.
Mae Khwe

Merriweather Merriweather Sans
Sanchez  Quattrocento Sans

Fragrant and fresh

Are the whole branches

Brimming with new life

Brilliant are the leaves

All golden lights.

Pleasant are the forests

At Thingyall's festival time.

One delights to see Lingpya birds building nests

To hear cuckoos in pairs

Making heavenly melodies; and

To see a parakeet's lovely airs

Makes a maiden long to

To feed him in a cage .

"Oh darling!

Catch him without delay

He is about to fly away.'

Princess Hlaing-Teik-Khaung-Tin
Shadows Into Light


The cheroot leaves
I do not buy, but pluck myself.

I do not dry them on the fire
I do not spread them in the sun. But for your smoking
I dry them under my bedclothing.
And with my teeth I trim
These aromatic leaves.

The cheroot I do not bind with silk
But with common cotton thread
To give it truly to you,
My youthful lover in Ava.


In the month of Tagu
From emerald green leaf-clusters
Bloom forth golden-yellow flowers.

Truly what other flowers
Can compare with these in beauty
There in padauk 's cool breezy shade
Where the flow of sweat ceases
At the entrance to Nanda Cave
Retreat of the Pacceka Buddha .

During one month in a year
During one day in that month
During that Day for the Buddha
Padauk blooms forth in theforest.

Summertime! The time of Thingyan has arrived.
And glorious is the golden pollen
Mistily blown from padauk
And spreading its fragrance
Along forest roads.

Noone can describe all the marvels
Of this royal flower
Padauk U Kyaw

Playfair Display Montserrat Great Vibes


When soft breezes blow
Rare fragrance spreads
From the saga flowers
Growing on the not far-off
Mountain of the Giant's Palace.

Dark becomes the horizon
Enveloping us from the south in gloom.
Melancholy assails my heart.

Oh, Rain God, do not cause us sorrow!
Do not cause us sorrow, Rain down and
All the eight directions will look gloomy.
And the rain will sadden us in many ways.

Myavati Mingyi U Sa.

Droid Serif Convergence


Ah... beautiful...
The mountains
The forests
The quivering buds
The trees caressing
The birds frolicking with joy!
one another.

Fjalla One Crete Round


A Lullaby

Oh little boy crying!
I could I would
Catch you a pigeon
White, blue or black

Oh little boy
How hard it is
To catch a pigeon
White, blue or black

Author Unknown

Lora Megrim


To gain the prize of illumination
I have made up my mind.
Then I shall have liberation
From the bondage of craving (Tanha)
The all consuming darkness
Of ignorance (Avijja-asava).

Seeking a womb for rebirth
In other after-death conditions
Many times I have experienced
Different forms.
But in whatever sphere
Never can it be pure.

Thus no longer do I seek a consort.
Satiated with a layman's life,
I renounce it all and go
To muse in the Dhamma cave.

U Khaing

When jasmine
is not in bloom
In palace gardens
Courtiers must
Bedeck themselves
Is With kan flowers.

When jasmine
Is in full bloom
In Mandalay's
Palace gardens
Courtiers never
Adorn themselves
With kan flowers.

Then kan flowers.
Find favor only
Among villagers.


By chance
Secretly I fell in love
With a lovely girl,
Emerald fresh,
And of gentle birth.
As a consequence
I had to grapple with
Grief vaster than the sea.

My life is unbearable.

First pretending to love me
This maiden was like a cock
Courting round a hen;
Then suddenly she flaunted off.
In many ways she broke the trust
So naively placed in her.
How wrongly I beheved in her.
It wasn't true love, just pretense.

She loves me not, all is in vain.

But for this lovely garland
Containing many sweet smelling flowers,
Not long shall I wait
To be decorated with it.
I am a man of sufficient worth.
Soon the time will come
As comes floresence of all plants
And I shall have a true love.

Ah no! My dear young lady
You are not made of jewels.
You vain and conceited girl
I have not long to wait.

Maung Thwa

Sorts Mill Goudy Vollkorn

I Am Longing

Gilt glass filtered moon rays
Light my stately diamond-studded couch
Where alone hear the drum's sweet sound
Announce the third watch of the night.
Dawn is no longer far-off.

On my thazin scented couch
Alone I await your coming.
Heads on my forehead
I cannot but muse
Over all that has passed
And I am filled with pensive sadness.

On oath you promised never to shun me
Always to be loyal to me
Solemnly you swore, " If I become King
I shall make you my Queen.
Even if a Goddess tried to seduce me,
Never would I surrender to her. "

" In coronation's splendid display
I shall give to you the place of chief Queen
With eight Brahmins and many pages attending you
And at the time of libation's ceremonial
I shall cause all men to worship you. "

I believed you and gave you my love.
Now...how different is your manner.
Oh, Prince of Kanaung how stern is your face.
Where is the former brightness of your face?
Where are the loving caresses
You so fondly showered on me?
Oh, prince of Kanaung.

Princess Hlaing-Teik-Khaung-Tin

Ultra Jungle Yanone Kaffeesatz


U Kyaw Thamee

Painful as it is... Let me state my trouble.
How full of anguish most dire

Is one tormented by Universal Fire.
As if seven suns blazed fiercely
Equally burning is pain the world-round.
Nowhere can a cool spot be found.
My heart's trouble seems a death agony.

But presently beautiful maidens appear.
"If you want to alleviate my pain.
Sprinkle me with rose scented rain."

Dearly Love Son

  • With the army
    She has entrusted him,
    Her dearly beloved son
    She must not pity him.

  • On the way to Thailand
  • Many are rising rivers and streams
  • Violent are the rains and Strong is the storm.
  • But his own mother has agreed,
  • ".. let him die (if need be..)"

  • In my heart too.. no distress lingers
history song
by anonymous


If you meet
If you see
If You believe.

So quaint to see
On curved sea shores
Clusters of snails
Whites, reds, yellows and blues
Moving and displaying themselves,
Some golden penholders
Others hard iron traps
Still others—fairies' hairpins

Oh? Hermit crabs!
Coming here or going there
And everywhere
Attention attracting
By borrowing
Empty sea snail shells
To live in them
And move about in them.

Bizarre indeed are these.

U Kyin U