Nowadays, The problem with knowledge acquisition via internet can be presented with two characteristics:

Exponential Information Growth

Volume of information is increasing terribly. People are having information exhaustion a.k.a overload. Email inbox is full with subscriptions and news reader is overflowing with ton of articles. It seems like infeasible to filter out the articles related with your interest.

Info Pollution

Yeah…Information is polluted,redundant and duplicated. Since last week,my facebook and twiiter timeline is full with duplicated content about flappy-bird. I used Prismatic news reader because of the kick-ass machine learning algorithm behind this smart news reader. So,the question is that is it good? Yeah,you can say that it is good to a certain level but machine is not human. The content curation is still duplicated and still need to filter out the valuable articles.

Today,I found out a website that seems promising to my need. Content are curated by human and each content is under a specific topic. You can learn and create a list of content,playlist. Meanwhile, you can make a commitment on the duration you will spend reading to your interests. It’s not like a course curriculum that you needs to follow step by step lessons. You can skip things you don’t want to read and that flexible structure is my favorite feature.

The bottom line is that the idea of Gibbon is cool and the purpose carried out the difficulties of acquiring knowledge from today technology world.

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