Unlike Virtualbox, there is no easy way to clone the GuestOS of VMWare VM.

These are the steps to perform to get a clone of desire VM.

  1. Copy/Paste the entire folder of VM you want to clone to another instance. E.g. Copy all the files from Windows 8 x64 to a new folder,let say windows 8 Clone.
  2. Replace all file names with Windows 8 x64 to windows 8 Clone. E.g file name of Windows 8 x64.vmdk to Windows 8 Clone.vmdk and so on.
  3. Edit .vmx and .vmxf file with preferred text editor and replace all occurrences of Windows 8 x64 with Windows 8 Clone.
  4. Now open VMWare Player and play the new cloned VM. If it doesn’t display in the VM list, open it from the file menu.
  5. You will get a pop-up window and click I copied it button.