• Hi… My name is Aung, a Burmese national with curious mind.
  • InfoSec and Digital Forensic Researcher and working as Manager, SoC & Cybersecurity at DTAC BKK,TH
  • Keen intrests in Application Security, Penetration Testing, Security Assessment, DevSecOps & Security Consulting.
  • Ex-CFML & .Net developer, hooking up with Python currently.
  • Some C/C++.
  • A solid logical mind, ISTJ.
  • Stick to plan & process. Love facts & information.
  • Believe in Minimalism and trying to declutter life and things around me.


  • If you are interested to make a digital conversation with me, don’t hesitate to contact me via aungthurhahein[at]gmail[dot]com.
  • For business related talk, let connect on LinkedIn. I am open for freelance security projects and future employers that looking for Secuirty technical consulting related positions.


  • You can find me @Twitter and also participate @Quora World.
  • Peerlyst is a place I disucss solely on cyber security. Follow me if you are also a memeber.