I am a big fan of producthunt and recently, these two new extensions for chrome browser get into my favourite chrome plug-ins list.

Vicious Circle of bookmarking

I follow latest trends and articles daily basis. I read Pocket and Pearltrees to bookmarks. Like everybody, I save, I lost, I forget and I find it back and save it again. This new extension is for the long and serious reading, the ones it will take a while. It’s simple and straightforward. You highlight the words and press ‘M’ to highlight it. It will save automatically. Check it out and thanks me later.


Grammar Police

For ESL, I care about grammar a bit because I want others to understand what I am writing. But like everybody, I make mistakes, typos and dangling sentences. Before that, I have Google Dictionary extension to look up meanings of word. This new extension is sick. It checks your spelling and grammar. It is also capable of dictionary function and also suggest synonyms while writing. This is a must-have tool for writers who spend most of the time on chrome browser.




From regular browsing through GitHub repos, this little tool caught me. The idea is to snooze a specific tab to reopen later. It still in alpha release but working functionally.

Tab Snooze